Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reports of Needless Suffering and Death at Companion Animal Alliance

Many people heard the buzz about the Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) in Baton Rouge, LA and their supposed no kill efforts. Local volunteer Amanda Brice has put together a well documented 14 page recent history of the pound, aptly title “Not No Kill”. If you are unfamiliar with CAA’s story and/or if you would like to see how a volunteer can make an important contribution simply by documenting online activity, please take a look at this document.

Ms. Brice used to help out with the cats at the Companion Animal Alliance. She stopped visiting the facility because her offers to care for the stray cats, whom she felt needed the most help, were refused and she no longer feels welcome there. Management advised her that volunteering with the stray cats is a “privilege, not a right”.

Ms. Brice says that CAA does not vaccinate all pets upon intake and the sick cats are not separated from the healthy ones. One employee has been in charge of caring for the stray cats at CAA but when that person took a leave of absence, Ms. Brice says she saw the cats were being neglected. She offered to help but her offer was refused by management. To see the entire story Click Here(YesBiscuit, July 31, 2012)


  1. Very sad and disturbing, but thank you, Amanda, for bringing the truth to light. Those of us who cross-post shelter animals have no way of knowing which organizations are truly helping the animals to the best of their ability and which ones aren't. Honest, caring people like you on the inside are so needed.

    1. I agree. The public needs to be aware of what is going on in shelters, the good and the bad. Maybe one by one we can turn these shelters into No Kill Shelters. I think the internet has given us a fantastic tool to spread the word and cross posters are playing a big role in the No Kill Movement. A lot of people that drop there pets off at shelters need to be aware that their pet may not be in good hands and may end up dead.


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